We are reminded to care for our environment and do our part to make "green choices." There are a number of programs available to recycle every day products and consumer electronics, but you can also do your part when it comes to your car.

Butler's Auto Recycling will help assist you in getting cash for your car or information on where you can donate your vehicle and which is the best route to take.  A number of charity organizations offer a car donation program where you can get rid of your car and possibly take a tax deduction (consult your accountant), while helping those in need. Donated vehicles are either sold at auction or parts are sold out and salvaged. Money from the parts and cars is used to fund go right back into the automotive recycling business.

Besides donating an unwanted car, there are a number of ways to recycle what goes into and on your car.

  • Antifreeze and motor oil: If a service station drains the radiator or changes your oil, make sure they plan to recycle or dispose of it properly. Some states require this. If you do the work yourself, find a collection center to take it to. Just two gallons of used oil can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.

  • Batteries: Take the old battery back to the place of purchase - often there will be a rebate incentive to do so.

  • Tires: Typically, when you buy a new set of tires, the local store will recycle the worn set. If you have extra old tires, contact Butler Tire Store to assist you in disposing your vehicle's tires..